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About Dr. Sally Marie

  • Born in Philadelphia, PA
  • Grew up primarily in San Francisco, CA as the oldest of six children
  • Lowell High School in San Francisco
  • University of California at Berkley, BA in Zoology
  • San Francisco State University, MA in Biology
  • University of Cincinnati, MD,  1982
  • Family Practice Residency North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley, CO,  1982 1985
  • Early medical practice in Seaside Oregon,  1985 1989
  • My two daughters were born at Seaside General Hospital
  • Springfield Family Physicians,  1989 2008
  • Individual practice, Sally Suzanne Marie, MD, LLC,  July 2008 present
  • Household in South Eugene with my guy (also a doctor), two cats and frequent visits from daughters

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